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Raft is an open-world survival crafting game that will train your brain while you are playing. It invites you to immerse yourself into an oceanic adventure with lots of discovery and a little bit of danger. Download Raft and play it alone or together with your friends. The release date is 23 May 2018.

Graphics 5/5 

The graphics in the Raft download game are well-designed. You will view the beautiful nature and quite realistic animals. The shark is a perfect sample of the smart design, delivering a mild portion of urgency and danger. There are a lot of details to cope with.

Gameplay 5/5

The gameplay is diverse. In the Raft free game you will build, explore the environment, solve puzzles, and fight to survive. From the very beginning, you are expected to build the craft and take a journey. The voyage across the vast sea will be full of missions, challenges, and secrets. You will find yourself in various circumstances enjoying the beauty of nature and interacting with everything around. It is possible to update your tiny construction and create a real fully furnished boat. Find the material you need in the ocean or on the islands you land. It is needed both to stay alive and enjoy the comfort because to be trapped on a small primitive raft alone in a vast ocean is not safe. You will have to find the meal and resources. First, the only place to get them will be the ocean where the dangerous shark lives. If you do not want to end your voyage at the very beginning, be attentive and creative to avoid meeting the fish.

Enjoy multiplayer and online co-op. You will craft creating the weapons and other items to help you continue playing Raft free download game. You will be involved in research, dive, and navigate towards new places.

Controls 5/5

The controls are responsive and easy to master. You will be suggested to cope with them using the brief guide.

Replay value 5/5

You should keep moving forwards if you do not want to become a victim of a shark that attacks all the time when you are aboard or in the water. This fish swims after you and bites various items of the raft. There are various ways to escape it in Raft PC and this makes replayability stronger. You will reveal the reasons for the things happening. The updates bring new large islands with places to explore and animals to capture and tame. We prove in this Raft game review that the endless ocean is not empty as it seems. There are tons of things to do here.


The survival is not easy but be ready for adventures on your raft with the key goal to stay alive and gather resources needed to improve your floating house. Download Raft to complete your mission.


  • The gameplay is full of challenges
  • The graphics are rather eye-pleasing
  • The replayability is rather high
  • Easy Raft game download


  • The constant threat can be exhausting
  • The Bottom Line
  • Update and play Raft, sail it whenever the road takes you. Use the equipment and tools to discover more about the environment